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With Andrea Basso, Fabrizio Renzi, Antony Vitillo, Pietro Veragouth, Antonio Del Mastro, Daniel Levi, Igor Ciminelli

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Technological acceleration is going to change your market

Knowing in advance the impact of disruptive technologies will allow us to make the best choices for our future

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What's the future going to be like?

Course Syllabus

New lessons will be added periodically


Technology and future scenarios.

All disruptive technologies have some characteristics in common that hold their potential. You will find out how to recognize them and how they impact existing systems.

An overview of the most innovative companies, start-ups, and products in the field of virtual and augmented reality will open your eyes to the future’s possible scenarios.

How does a computer recognize a face? How far can this capacity of machines be pushed? What today seems evident to us was merely unthinkable until a few decades ago.

In the past few years, scientists have revolutionized our ability to rewrite the genetic code to eliminate diseases or give creatures whole new traits. Today, it is possible to modify the genome of any living being with surprising ease.

Competing with the most advanced forms of artificial intelligence, enhancing memory and processing capacity of the human brain, creating digital copies of ourselves, creating a network of connections between humans and machines.

The process leading to the human colonization of space has already started. Soon, human stationing will be operating on the Moon and Mars. There is a turning point in human history and the start of new forms of economy and business potential.

The future will not be defined by a predominant technology. You will discover the incredible scenarios that the convergence of technologies could open in the coming years.

Learning Outcomes

Broaden your Horizons

It will be a fascinating but also beneficial journey, which will give you access to topics and information that are not usually covered

Growth of Awareness

Knowing in advance the impact of disruptive technologies will allow us to make the best choices for our future.

Strategic Advantage

Discover the products and innovative technologies with disruptive potential already on the market.

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Get your certification

At the end of the course, you will receive your certificate of achievement. Add it to your CV and share it on social media!

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A fascinating tour of the technologies that will change the world as we know it

The Instructors

President of the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation

Andrea Basso

European Commission Key Expert,  PhD Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, CTO MITO Technology. Associate professor University of Victoria BC (CA), Business angel, startup elevator and mentor.

For 30 years IBM director of technology and innovation IBM

Fabrizio Renzi

Currently CEO of Rnb Gate, rnb4culture, rnb4africa, VP strategy Bio4dreams Worldwide expert in AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Quantum computing and edge computing.

Top #50 VR world influencers and Founder of NightWalkers

Antony Vitillo

According to Onalytica he is among the top # 50 VR influencers in the world. Speaker at famous events such as the Vive Conference, he boasts countless projects and innovations in the field of immersive technologies.

Director of the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation

Pietro Veragouth

Founder of the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation. Entrepreneur, innovator, inventor. He holds over 15 patents in the fields of augmented reality, holographic projection, telepresence and body scanning.

President of Mars Planet Technologies and Founder of Mars City Gmbh

Antonio Del Mastro

President of Mars Planet / Italian Mars Society, Coordinator of the Mars City project. Active in research on space and medical applications of virtual and augmented reality.

Neurosurgeon, scientist and genetic engineering expert

Daniel Levi

Neurosurgeon ,Scientist , Clinical and Research Strategic Manager @ Ticino Health , Astrophysics Fanatic, President of the Competence Center for Genitic Engineering, Member of the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation.

Board Member of the Swiss institute for Disruptive Innovation

Igor Ciminelli

Board Member and Head of Marketing at the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation, Igor is a renowned expert with an international background in innovation design and management. Formerly social media and marketing advisor of the European Commission for the EU4tech Technology Transfer Programm. Currently working as advisor and mentor for many companies in the technology industry.

What People Say About this Course

A glimpse of Tomorrow
A glimpse of Tomorrow
Read More
If you are curious on how the future will look like then you should listen to this course. The panelists will give you an introduction on the most advanced technologies and scientific breakthroughs.
Albrecht Schulz
Great course
Read More
Great course. Thank you.
Adriëlle Vd Berg
Interesting as Always
Read More
I have always followed the activities of SIDI and this time too I am enthusiastic. Guys, the way you project the present into the future is amazing. I love you !!!
Robert Martin
Read More
I have found this course to be an eye-opener. Brilliant!
Nicola Falvino
Read More
Finally someone who talks about technology in a concrete way. Several very interesting and well-explained insights. Thanks!
Stefania Rusconi
Read More
I really had no idea these things already exist!
Roberta Corti
A real Safari!
Read More
A real safari to discover those technologies that nobody ever talks about in detail. I'm not a big fan of technology but this course stimulates me to learn more about it.
Micheal Poltrelli
Read More
A journey to discover 5 technologies that will have a disruptive impact on the lives of all of us in the coming years
Paolo di Bella
Read More
Lots of examples and references, super interesting themes. I highly recommend it to anyone who is curious about technology.
Gustavo Vilches
A solid introduction
Read More
With a topic of such depth and potential branching, the lectures manage to compile a solid and clear map of the current state and future development of the field. The first-hand knowledge of the lecturers comes clear in every presentation and the result is always enticing and instructive. The overall experience is great and you really want to come back for more. The only thing that can use some improvement is the delivery of the presentations (Graphics, video & speech, transitions) to avoid distractions from the fantastic content. Thank you for a stimulating experience. Hope to see you again soon!
Mariia Smirnova
Mariia Smirnova
Read More
I would like to thank the School of Disruption for organizing the course, inviting to Q&A live session, and the most crusial - for choosing to focus on such emerging discipline as Space Architecture and Design. Special thanks to Barbara Imhof and René Waclavicek for sharing unique experience and providing an insightful content; to Paola , and Igor Ciminelli - for keeping in touch and keeping the students updated.

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frequently asked questions

Innovation Safari

Does the course require live participation?

No, the course is entirely on-demand and consists of video-recorded lessons that can be accessed from any device and at any time from the students’ personal dashboard. However, online meetings are organized throughout the year (for members only) for Q&A sessions with speakers and experts in the field.

Who are the instructors?

The Innovation Safari guides are researchers and practitioners from the network and Competence Centers of the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation. Each of them has extensive international experience in the various topics covered in the course, and is working on the evolution and development of these technologies for the world’s leading companies and institutions.

Why should I take this course?

The future will increasingly be characterized by the convergence of technologies. Today, things are already happening that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Knowing the state of the art and future evolutions of disruptive technologies is the best way to predict their impact on markets and society. Of course, it is also the way that allows us to make better decisions for the future of our business.

Does access to the courses have an expiry day?

No, the course has lifetime access.

Does the School issue certifications?

Of course, once you have finished the course, you can download the School of Disruption certification, recognized by the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation. The certificate can be attached to your CV or registered on LinkedIn.

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