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Learn How to use AI and Computing to Create Infinite Design Solutions

Parametric Architecture uses software-processed algorithms to infinitely expand the design possibilities. These procedures can be used in various fields such as architecture, design, and mechanical engineering

Unlock your creative and professional potential by learning how to easily create intricate designs using computer science and AI

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How will Parametric Architecture redefine the design industry?

Course Syllabus

New lessons will be added periodically


 The paradigm shift of computational design 

Computerized and Computational infographic

 Computational design is hard. Why bother? 

 What means to design parametrically?

 Traditional VS parametric design frameworks

Traditional and parametric design differences

 Parametric Architecture theoretical frameworks

Parametric architecture workflow

 Examples of built architecture designed with parametric workflows

Precursors of Parametric Architecture

Parametric architects timeline

How we use their visions today

Software’s state of the art

Parametric software timeline

Mental instruments

Typical parametric design strategies

Examples of plugins for parametric architecture

What we can do with a parametric based design

How we measure the performances of our architectures

Optimization framework

How we can maximize those performances in a parametric based design

Parametric thinking as a transferable skill

Design space exploration infographic

Evolutionary MultiObjective Algorithm infographic

Product design

Digital fabrication

Videogame design

Parametric architecture as a “Machinic Assemblage”. What means?

What innovations we can pour into a parametric workflow

How to set up a parametric design workflow

Learning Outcomes

Paradigm shift

Develop a the paradigm shift that unleashes your creativity towards innovative design solutions

Design Process

Learn how to set up a parametric design workflow and the best design strategies


Discover the tools and software on the market that you can easily use right now to start designing

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Master the skills that will redefine the Architecture Industry

The Instructor

Seasoned computational designer, researcher, and instructor

Onur Yüce Gün

Onur Yüce Gün is a seasoned computational designer, researcher, and instructor. Trained as an architect, Onur holds a Ph.D. and a master’s in design and Computation, both earned at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Recognized by TEDx, and Time Magazine’s best inventions lists, Onur’s work has been internationally published, exhibited, and awarded. His work has been exhibited at the Center for Architecture AIA New York Chapter, at SIGGRAPH, at Centre Pompidou (AAG), and the Tokyo Gallery A4. Onur instituted the Computational Geometry Group at KPF NY in 2006. He taught at MIT, RISD, and Adolfo Ibáñez University in Chile. Onur is current the Creative Manager of Computational Design at New Balance. He played a key role in R&D process of Triplecell, New Balance’s 3D printing technology, and designed 3D-printed forefoot component of limited-edition Fuel Cell Echo Triple that has been published in Popular Science in 2019.

What People Say About the School of Disruption

"If even one-tenth of what has been said comes true, it would already be very upsetting."
Tiago Rutschi
“I was overwhelmed by everything I saw because I thought I knew about innovation. Instead, I realized that when it comes to innovation, you never stop studying :)"
Luca Cereghetti
"On the one hand, what I heard terrifies me; on the other, it excites me. I still don't know what to think about it. However great presentation !!!!!!”
Hans Schroder
“I have found this course to be an eye-opener. Brilliant!”
Robert Martin
"I had an idea of what the future would be like, but I realized how much I have to change my beliefs. Interesting workshop!"
Marie Chantes
“I used to think linear. Now I understand what my limit was.”
John Keller

Master the skills that will redefine the Architecture Industry


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frequently asked questions

3D Building

Does the course require live participation?

No, the course is entirely on-demand and consists of video-recorded lessons that can be accessed from any device and at any time from the students’ personal dashboard. However, online meetings are organized throughout the year (for members only) for Q&A sessions with speakers and experts in the field.

Who is the instructor?

Giuseppe Canestrino is Adjunct Professor and Ph.D. S. in Architectural Design at University of Calabria and Visiting Ph.D. at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. He graduated cum Laude in Building Engineering and Architecture at UNICAL, Italy, with a design thesis based on parametric architecture awarded by AISE, the Italian Association of Systems Engineering. He is the author of several publications on the relationship between ‘digital culture’ and architectural design. His Ph.D. research focuses on developing design methods able to improve the environmental sustainability of buildings envelopes based on parametric architecture. 

Why should I take this course?

Parametric architecture is a revolutionary paradigm shift. This approach harnesses the computational power of computers to develop infinite design solutions from precise indications and parameters. By mastering the skills of parametric architecture, impossible designs can be created and the creative potential of the designer can be unleashed. It is the new frontier of architecture, that will allow you to seize new and innovative job and business opportunities.

Does access to the courses have an expiry day?

No, the course has lifetime access.

Does the School issue certifications?

Of course, once you have finished the course, you can download the School of Disruption certification, recognized by the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation. The certificate can be attached to your CV or registered on LinkedIn.

Any other questions?

Feel free to write to support@disruption.school to request any information about our School and courses.

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