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Become a Disruptor

Learn how to identify new opportunities, shape your idea and transform it into a disruptive business. The Disruptive Innovation Masterclass is the definitive guide to market success.

Course Syllabus

  • 2

    Managing Disruption

  • 3

    Identify new opportunities

    • It’s a matter of criteria

    • Non-consumers

    • Overshot customers

    • The evolution of performance criteria

    • How to conquer the market by worsening your products: the low-end disruption

  • 4

    Shaping Ideas

    • Determine your growth domain

    • Jobs to-be-done strategy

    • Rating the jobs

    • Characteristics of innovation

    • How good managers condemn companies: the silent collapse

  • 5

    Build the Business

    • Principles of disruptive development

    • 3-step strategy

    • 7 successful business models examples

    • Advices and tools

    • The disrupt-o-meter

  • 6


    • References and must-read

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify new opportunities.

    Learn how to identify new market opportunities and how to measure their potential

  • Shape Ideas

    Figure out how to strategically design an idea with a high degree of potential adoption in the market

  • Build the business

    Develop the ability to turn your idea into a disruptive business and to forecast its impact on the market

Stand out from the crowd

The ability to see what others do not see will allow you to put disruptive innovations to work. Access this course to always be two steps ahead of your competitors.

Certificate of achievement

At the end of the course, you will receive your certificate of achievement. Add it to your CV and share it on social media!

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Michele Puccio

Country Manager Italy | Arrow Electronics

To move customers Five Years Out it’s import to study how to create Disruptive Innovation. Thanks for the great content of your masterclass.

Sean Walsh

Chairman | Tundra-X

A lot of value in a simple language. The masterclass opens your mind to achieve new goals through true innovation.

Raquel Guerrero

Universitat de Barcelona

Thank you! I am delighted! I have completed the Digital Disruption course 1 year ago with Cambridge University and wanted to refresh my learning for interview purposes. Your course was just spot on. It touched on all the same concepts and case studies that I covered with Cambridge University.

Audrey Adams

Linguist and English Language Specialist

The masterclass is an eye-opener. It completely changes the way you think about business and opens the door to new opportunities. Thank you!

Marco Zerauschek

Aerospace Engineer | Product Developer at Mamazen

With great pleasure, I attended the Masterclass on the fundamental principles of Disruptive Business Models.

Vyacheslav Bityutskiy


I have found a new perspective through which to look at the business. Great master class :) I will be waiting for the next one.


Board Member of the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation

Igor Ciminelli

Board Member and Head of Marketing at the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation, Igor is a renowned expert with an international background in innovation design and management. Formerly social media and marketing advisor of the European Commission for the EU4tech Technology Transfer Programm. Currently working as advisor and mentor for many companies in the technology industry.