A criminologists' guide to DNA evidences

How genome editing could affect evidence of criminal investigations

Law is witnessing the disruption that other industries have experienced due to the technological advances. The rapidly changing of the legal marketplace requires skills increasingly transversal.

Course Syllabus

  • 2

    What is DNA?

    • What is DNA used for?

    • How do you read the genetic code?

    • Types of DNA and differences

    • The importance of MRNA

  • 3

    Evidences and DNA

    • How DNA analysis works in the collection of evidence

    • The analysis of the genetic code through AI

    • Identification of genetic diseases as evidence

    • Search for viral or bacterial infections as a marker of the subject

  • 4

    The collection of specimens

    • Evidence-gathering tools

    • Missteps in the collection of evidence

    • How to verify that the operator has not contaminated the DNA tests

  • 5

    The Chimeras

    • What are chimeras and how are they born?

    • The concept of the uniqueness of the individual

    • Case studies and examples

    • Other bizarre implications: ethnicity and sexuality

    • What a lawyer should do when dealing with a chimera

  • 6

    Crispr/Cas 9 and crime. New technologies new crimes?

    • What is Crispr / Cas 9?

    • How to create genetic evidence

    • How to identify altered genetic evidence

  • 7

    The Science and the Law, an Holistic Vision

    • Like a lawyer: biological evidence

    • Ethical implications and judgment

    • Final considerations

Learning outcomes

  • New awareness

    Understanding what DNA is and what role it plays in jurisprudence

  • Deal with DNA evidences

    Learn how to verify that the DNA evidence has not been contaminated

  • Crispr/Cas9

    Find out how technology can be a threat to evidence gathering

Highly Recommended for

Build a new indispensable set of skills required to compete in the future of work

  • Criminologists

  • Students

  • Lawyers

  • Private detectives

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Course mentors


Daniel Levi

Neurosurgeon ,Scientist , Clinical and Research Strategic Manager @ Ticino Health , Astrophysics Fanatic, President of the Competence Center for Genitic Engineering, Member of the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation


Pasquale Ferrante

World famous virologist, medical scientist and full professor at the University of Milan.


Paola Sonni

Lawyer and member of the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation, Paola has developed a heterogeneous set of skills that arise from the convergence between law, medicine, and new technologies with a specific focus on genome editing.
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