Prepare for the future of
quantum computing

Introduction with practical programming examples

Quantum computers will change companies, entire industries, and the world by solving problems that seem impossible today. Learn the business and technical implications of the new frontier in computing and how you can apply them to boost your professionl future.

Course Syllabus

  • 2

    Classical world and quantum world

    • Quantum mechanics Vs traditional physics

    • Super computer Vs quantum computer

    • Examples of quantum computers

    • Which types of applications may benefit from quantum computing

  • 3

    Quantum computing foundamentals

    • From bits to qbits

    • The superposition principle

    • Identification of genetic diseases as evidence

    • Understanding the entanglement

  • 4

    Quantum gates

    • What is a quantum gate?

    • The not as a quantum gate

    • Pauli Matrix

    • The H gate

    • The CNOT gate

    • Examples of other gates

  • 5

    Quantum coding

    • Non-cloning theorem

    • Dense coding

    • Teleportation

    • What a lawyer should do when dealing with a chimera

  • 6

    The future of quantum computing

    • Quantum machine learning

    • Quantum supremacy

    • Prospects for quantum computing

Learning outcomes

  • New awareness

    Figure out the basic principles of quantum computing and the future scenarios of this technology

  • Algorithm Implementation

    Learn the engineering requirements for quantum vs classical algorithm implementation

  • Quantum States

    Understand the mathematical description of quantum states and basic quantum operations

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For 30 years IBM director of technology and innovation

Fabrizio Renzi

For 30 years IBM director of technology and innovation IBM CEEMEA, which includes Russia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Currently CEO of rnbgate,rnb4culture, rnb4africa, VP strategy Bio4dreams Worldwide expert in AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Quantum computing and edge computing.
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