2nd 2nd Edition


Designing for Earth by Living in Space

Taking place on June 12th - June 16th
in Lugano, Switzerland

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Learning from Space to design a more sustainable World

Spaceships and space environments can be seen as analogues of modern, high-density, technology-driven cities. Design, ideas and technologies for space can have an immediate positive impact on the development of cities and homes on earth. We have to think of a new relationship between humans, their habitats,transport methods and the environment.

In collaboration with internationally renowned experts, we have created an extremely practical workshop that will transfer you the know-how from the space field to create better designs and systems for the earth.

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Workshop Structure

Space architecture goes beyond the traditional concept ofarchitecture and design.

The workshop will be contaminated by the different fields that are indispensable for designing a better and more sustainable on earth from space know-how.


Several internationally renowned experts, who actively work in the space industry every day, take turns in lecturing and thus covering the most important topics of Space Architecture


Design work will be highly practical and focused on specific objectives.

Participants will be divided into small groups andaccompanied by mentors who will guide them in developing theproject.

Evaluation & Final Awards

Each working group will present their project at the end of the workshop.

The lecturers will evaluate the best design work which will receive an award and a special prize.


If you are already a student of the School of Disruption you can participate in the Workshop at a favorable price

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