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Everything you need to know in the shortest possible time.


The School of Disruption translates complex know-how into easy-to-understand content to allow you to acquire the skills you need to seize the next future’s emerging opportunities.

If innovation was interpreted as something necessary for growth until a few years ago, now innovation is imperative for survival.

In an ever-changing world, you need new skills and a new tool to beat the competitors, find new job opportunities, and stand out from the crowd.

The knowledge that will unlock your disruptive potential is just one click away from you.

Discover the 4 pillars of the school:

Extraordinary Arguments

The School covers subjects and topics related to the main emerging trends and technologies. This know-how is essential to be competitive in the near future markets, and we inflect it in its practical applications.


Time is the most crucial resource. The School of Disruption’s courses are hands-on and content-focused. No turns of words and no waste of time. We get straight to the point without needless chatter.


We want to democratize access to innovation and the know-how you need to innovate. For this reason, we have created courses that will allow you to acquire the knowledge you are looking for without attending an 8-month Master’s (or MBAs).

International Experts

We don’t believe in gurus. We are a group of researchers who have made innovation their life mission. All the instructors of the School are internationally renowned experts with extensive experience in their field. Theory without practice is like power without control.

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