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Democratizing emerging opportunities

We strongly believe that the main tool we have to generate a positive impact is to democratize access to innovation.

Transferring the knowledge and know-how necessary for growth to those who cannot afford it, anywhere in the world, is the goal we have set ourselves with the Deep Impact program.

How to receive the scholarship

The School of Disruption scholarships are only available to deserving students with a strong motivation and proof of financial disadvantages.

To submit your application, please fill in the form with all the required information.

    • Proof of your student status*
    • Letter of motivation


We will send you the outcome of your application within a few days.

*All types of documents bearing the student’s name such as student id, enrolment certificate, proof of attendance are valid.

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Deep Impact is a programme made possible by visionary, innovation-loving companies that have positive impact among their core values

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Innovation and Inclusion 

Key Words for a Better Future

We believe that inclusion and innovation are the foundations on which we can build a better future.

From knowledge sharing, not only are new opportunities born, but also cultures and perspectives come together.

Our international students at the Strasbourg Workshop carried out in collaboration with the International Space University

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The Deep Impact program has an ambitious goal, which to be achieved needs the support of organizations that embrace the paradigm shift and share this vision of the future.

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