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Space Architecture & Design

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3D Printing of Buildings

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Disruptive Innovation Strategy

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34 Lessons | On Demand

Quantum Computing Basics

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36 Lessons | On Demand


Space Architecture & Design

43 Lessons | On Demand


33 Lessons | On Demand


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3D Printing of Buildings

27 Lessons | On Demand

Space Architecture & Design

43 Lessons | On Demand


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Space Architecture & Design

43 Lessons | On Demand

Disruptive Innovation Strategy

34 Lessons | On Demand


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The instructors

Barbara Imhof
Barbara ImhofManaging Partner & co-owner of LIQUIFER
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Barbara Imhof is an internationally active space architect and design researcher. She is a co-founder, Managing Partner and co-owner of LIQUIFER. Prior to starting LIQUIFER, Barbara did a short stint at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. She has pioneered the field of ‘space architecture’ in Europe and is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Space Architecture Technical Committee (SATC). She has been teaching at renowned institutes in Europe and the United States, for 20+ years.
René Waclaviceck
René WaclaviceckManaging Partner & co-owner of LIQUIFER
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René Waclavicek started his career working in design and construction planning for terrestrial buildings. In 2020, he participated in the Lunar Base Design Workshop (LBDW) organised at the European Space Agency’s ESTEC Centre in Noordwijk which was the starting point of his career in space architecture. René applies his skills to interdisciplinary research, design projects and complex geometries, including parametrics.
Armando Azua-Bustos
Armando Azua-BustosAstrobiologist, International environmental microbiologist & researcher
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Armando Azua-Bustos is an internationally renowned environmental microbiologist and researcher with over 30 JCR publications. He has extensive laboratory and fieldwork experience, and expertise in the ecology and evolution of microorganisms in extreme environments. He has won one of the prestigious Human Frontiers Science Program Grants, and also a grant from the Dubai Future Foundation. Armando has also won one of the prestigious TED Fellowships, and has had more than 100 appearances in international magazines such as Forbes, National Geographic and Scientific American.
Igor Ciminelli
Igor CiminelliBoard Member at Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation, Innovation & Marketing Expert
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Board Member and Head of Marketing at the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation, Igor is a renowned expert with an international background in innovation design and management. Formerly social media and marketing advisor of the European Commission for the EU4tech Technology Transfer Programm. Currently working as advisor and mentor for many companies in the technology industry.
Alessandro Tassinari
Alessandro TassinariFounder and Project Manager @KEEEN
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Alessandro Tassinari is founder and project manager of Keen, a deep tech venture that designs and engineers technologies for the advanced construction industry. KEEEN integrates robotics, automation processes and fabrication systems in the construction sector, focusing both on site and off site activities. Alessandro has extensive experience in 3D printing for the construction industry and has worked as a consultant and advisor for major industry players such as Wasp.
Onur Yüce Gün
Onur Yüce GünSeasoned computational designer, researcher and instructor
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Onur Yüce Gün is a seasoned computational designer, researcher, and instructor. Trained as an architect, Onur holds a Ph.D. and a master’s in design and Computation, both earned at MassachusettsInstitute of Technology. Recognized by TEDx, and Time Magazine’s best inventions lists, Onur’s work has been internationally published, exhibited, and awarded. His work has been exhibited at the Center for Architecture AIA New York Chapter, at SIGGRAPH, at Centre Pompidou (AAG), and the Tokyo Gallery A4. Onur instituted the Computational Geometry Group at KPF NY in 2006. He taught at MIT, RISD, and Adolfo Ibáñez University in Chile. Onur is current the Creative Manager of Computational Design at New Balance. He played a key role in R&D process of Triplecell, New Balance’s 3D printing technology, and designed 3D-printed forefoot component of limited-edition Fuel Cell Echo Triple that has been published in Popular Science in 2019.
Danielle Garofalo
Danielle GarofaloFounder at Noisecut Media
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Noisecut founder Danielle Garofalo has had success working in sales and marketing for both small businesses and Fortune 100 companies (Disney, IBM). In addition to Noisecut she also contributes to several other blogs including Emmy Award winning site Minyanville and Inman|Next. Danielle was named as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate by Inman and one of the 50 Urban Innovators Changing the Way We Live by International Hospitality Media.
Umberto Ceccarelli
Umberto CeccarelliMetaverse Architect for PINI Group & VDC Manager
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Graduated in Venice in Architecture, Umberto has been working for the past 25 years in the design and construction of architectural buildings of various dimensions and functions, with a particular focus on innovation. Umberto has an extensive experience in architectural design, in project management and cost control of large architectural complexes. In the last few years he focused on the digital transformation in the architectural industry and he is currently VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) Manager and Metaverse Architect for Pini Group, an International AEC Industry company based in Switzerland.
Roberto Garavaglia
Roberto GaravagliaIndependent Strategic Advisor in Innovative Payments and blockchain
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Independent Strategic Advisor in Innovative Payments and blockchain, and author, for thirty years he has been helping companies in the creation of new value propositions. In 2014 he was among the first in Italy to deal with blockchain projects in the digital finance sector. He works in the field of science dissemination and lectures at companies and universities. Since 2008 he has been collaborating with Politecnico di Milano – Digital Innovation Observatories, contributing with his experience to the analysis of strategies in the field of Innovative Payments and holding courses on blockchain and themarket scenarios that can guide its cross-industry development. He has to his credit countless scientific publications developed within the Observatories of the Politecnico di Milano, on topics concerning innovation and regulation of innovative payment systems and blockchain.
Francesco Vincenti
Francesco VincentiBusiness Developer and partner of Somnium Space
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Francesco Vincenti is Business Developer and partner of Somnium Space, an open and social virtual reality world built on the Ethereum blockchain. Graduated at the Sapienza University of Rome, Francesco has an extensive experience as VR builder and content creation, with focus on cities and education. Francesco is also the creator of 2LIVΞS & Sewer Nation DAO and of the NFT podcast. He has organized numerous internationally successful decentralized events in VR.
Patrick Gudev
Patrick GudevCEO of Museverse
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Patrick Gudev is CEO of Museverse, a music platform for playing and performing in the metaverse that developed the first interactive musical instruments as NFTs playable in virtual reality. He graduated at Charles University and the Prague university of Economics and Business. Also co-founder of Revo Music, he is an experienced VR developer with focus on the role of AI in the future development of metaverse applications.
Meta Karen
Meta KarenMetahuman born from SIDI
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Karen is a metahuman born from SIDI. She is guided by an artificial intelligence, speaks numerous languages and never stops learning. She is the prototype of a project that SIDI is developing to create the perfect speaker, combining the know-how of the experts in our network, public speaking skills to translate complex content into simple language and of course numerous languages. As you might imagine, she is the perfect speaker to guide you through the Metaverse.



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Titan’s mission is to democratize access to innovation offering the knowledge, tools, and network that companies, and professionals need to seize emerging opportunities.

We bring together people, skills, cultures, visions and backgrounds to generate positive impact on economic, political and social systems.

Titan provides the shortcuts to fast-track into the markets of innovations and trends that are redefining the future.

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TITAN Disruptive Innovation Center

Space Architecture & Design

With Barbara Imhof & René Waclavicek

Life in space is getting closer every day. This course will give you the skills you need to become a designer of space environments, both for spaceships and homes.

  Your journey starts here 

What is Space Architecture?

The Multidisciplinary Approach of Space Architecture

Past and Present of Space Architecture

Design Framework

Habitability Aspects

ISS Life Support Systems

Habitability Special Requirements

Architectural Aspects and Workflow

Architectural Functions of Life in Space

How everything comes together

ISS Introduction

Modular System Paradigms

ISS Modular Structure

ISS Crew System

Luna Gateway

Gateway Configuration Concept

Settlements, Strategies and Objectives

The journey into Space

Planetary Outpost Elements Configuration

Common Archetype for Habitats on Planetary Surfaces



Getting There

Lunar Environment and Resources

Lunar Settlements and in-situ Materials

Building Strategies

Building with in-situ Materials

Getting There

Martian Environment and Resources

Settlements and in-situ Materials

Building Strategies

Closed-Loop Life Support Systems

Why we need to simulate missions?


Habitation Simulations

Fidelity of Simulators and Simulations

Design and Habitability

Similarities of Space and Terrestrial Extremes

Recycling, Resilience, and Closed-Loop Systems

Examples of Spin-offs from Space to Earth

City as a Spaceship

Becoming a Space Architect

Space Architecture Pioneers and their Design NEW

Biotechnology for Space Habitats NEW

From the first flights to the settlements on Mars – Materials & Technologies NEW

Space Mining NEW

Making Staff in Space NEW

Analogue Testing in Antartica NEW

Human Performances in Space NEW

Space design for terrestrial living spaces NEW

Space Biotechnology

With Armando Azua-Bustos

Space exploration is the new frontier for human beings, which is generating countless business and job opportunities.

Biotechnology is the solution needed to meet all of the needs of long-term space missions, address the challenges of life in space and on other planets, and ultimately turn science fiction into science fact.

  The genetic material

  Recombinant DNA technologies

  History of biotechnology

  Successful cases of microbial, plant and animal biotechnology

The beginnings of rocket science

The first visionaries

The beginnings of the space age

Going to the Moon

The Space shuttle

The International Space Station

The exploration of the Solar System

The future of space exploration

Leaving Earth

The lack of gravity

Space radiations

Atmosphere, water and nutrients

The technical lack of sunlight

Microbiology on space

Space medicine

Plant biotechnology in space

Space applications

The future of biotechnology in space

Challenges to be overcome on the Moon

The future of biotechnology on the Moon

Challenges to be overcome on Mars

The future of biotechnology on Mars

Challenges to be overcome in deep space exploration

Challenges and opportunities for biotechnology beyond Earth

Research opportunities, contacts and funding sources

Brief summary and final considerations

3D Building of Buildings

With Alessandro Tassinari

Today, 3D printing is one of the fastest growing construction technologies, which opens new and exciting career opportunities for those determined to shape a better tomorrow

Your journey starts here

What is Construction 3D Printing?

Construction 3D Printing vs. Traditional Building Construction

History of 3D Printing in costruction industry

The Lack of technology adoption in Construction Industry

Manufacturing Evolution

Inside the Technology

Kenyas first 3D printed housen

FIBONACCI 3D printed house in Canada

3D Printing applied to construction

Digital Fabrication through Robotic Arm

Components of a concrete 3D printing system

Building strategies


Gantry 3D Printers

Delta 3D Printers

Robotic Arm 3D Printers

Crawler Boom 3D Printers

Polar 3D Printers

Powder 3D Printers




Clay 3D printing


Fiber reinforced materials and polymers

Building with in situ materials

Economic implication

Marketing Opportunities

A new way to design for architects, designers and engineers

Technological evolution

Turning threats into opportunities

Building in Space

How to start the business

Computational Design

With Onur Yüce Gün

Unleash your design potential. Parametric architecture allows you to create infinite and impossible design solutions using computers and artificial intelligence.​

 Why Computational Design?

 Learning Outcomes

 Building Timeless Skills in Computational Design

 What is Computational Design & what it is not?

Analytical description of Computational Design

 Perceptual description of Computational Design

 A Holistic description of Computational Design

 Who am I? – My journey

 Emergence of Computational Design

 Review of design and visualization tools

 Why important: Parametric, generative, and algorithmic systems

 Hand sketching vs Algorithmic sketching

 ML and AI in design

 Applications: Academia, Architecture, Product Design, Data Visualization, Animations

 What is missing?

 The Digital (Binary) Computer: History of Computing

 Analytical (scientific) view of the world; Parts and Wholes

 Vision and Ambiguity (Human vs Machine Intelligence)

 Visual Computation: Shape Grammars

 Geometry – Triangles

 Geometry – Platonic Solids

 Geometry – Freeform modeling

 Algorithmic Thinking

 Procedural Thinking



 Parametric Design Foundations

 Parametric Design Hands-On

 Data as a design driver (D2D paper)

 Predictive Modeling

 Implicit Modeling

 CNC – Synthetic Natures

 3D Printing and DfAM Design for Additive Manufacturing

 Prototyping vs Industrial scale applications

 Applications in practice

 Researching in academia

 Creating Measurable Impact (Trends vs Meanings)

 Future of Computational Design

 Machine Learning Applications

 Designer’s shifting role

Formal Degrees


Talking it to the field

Can quality be computed?

Disruptive Innovation Strategy

With Igor Ciminelli

Learn the business strategy of the world’s greatest innovators. Identify new growth domains, create your own innovative product, and disrupt your market.

  Welcome & Agenda

The theory in short

Disruption’s 3 key-points

Assess the market potential

The Law of Diffusion of Innovation

Start with Why Ted X

Innovation design process

Ideas and adoption

The Disruptive Innovation Theory

Industries Transformation

Building Blocks

The Innovator’s Dilemma

The Kodak case in short

Key points

How to be a disruptor – Harvard Business School Tribute

What is your market?

Not from you and not even from your competitors

It’s a matter of criteria


Overshot customers

The evolution of performance criteria

How to conquer the market by worsening your products: the low-end disruption

Determine your growth domain

Jobs to-be-done strategy

Rating the jobs

Characteristics of innovation

How good managers condemn companies: the silent collapse

Principles of disruptive development

3-step strategy

7 successful business models examples

Advices and tools

The disrupt-o-meter

The competition

References and must-read

Quantum Computing Basics

With Francesco Sisini

Learn the technical and business implications of the new frontier of computing and how you can apply them to enhance your professional future.

The dawn of quantum supremacy

A bit of history

Quantum mechanics Vs Traditional physics

Super computer Vs Quantum computer

Examples of quantum computers

Which types of applications may benefit from quantum computing?

From bits to qubits

The superposition principle

Understanding the Qbit – The Bloch Sfere

Understanding the entanglement

The entanglement in a nutshell

What is a quantum gate?

The not as a quantum gate

Pauli Matrix

The H gate

The CNOT gate

Quantum Gates in a nutshell

Photonic quantum computer

Ion trap quantum computer

Artificial Atom Quantum Computer

Non-cloning theorem

Dense coding


The Deutsh problem

Create and test your first quantum code

The brain as quantum computer

Quantum machine learning and quantum AI

Quantum supremacy

Prospects for quantum computing

First steps in the market

Impact on industries

Metaverse Real Estate

With Danielle GarofaloUmberto Ceccarelli,  Roberto Garavaglia, Patrick Gudev, Francesco Vincenti, Igor Ciminelli, and Meta Karen

The race to the Metaverse has begun.
Few yet know the real estate opportunities of this new digital world.

In this course you will discover everything you need to know to take your career and your business from the traditional

  Metaverse and Construction Industry

  Understanding the Metaverse

  VR-AR-XR: a brief introduction

  Metaverse in Popular Culture

The different shapes of the Metaverse

Web 3.0

What is Metaverse Real Estate?

Implications of Digital Real Estate

Why buy a Metaverse Property

How to buy Metaverse Land Properties

EXTRA: do you remember Second Life?

Becoming (The role of architecture)

Parcel scouting

Architecture & Design (Designing in the Metaverse)

How to buy Metaverse Land Properties

In game coding


Metaverse networking

Metaverse expansion

Extra services (web dev, store design and asset development)


Metaverse 3.0: Blockchain technology and ownership

NFT Worlds – Worlds SDK & Creator Economy – Cubes Utility Token

Use Cases & Examples

How to build. Building Strategies

Teslasuit Haptics

Jobs and Opportunities in the Metaverse

School in the Metaverse

A.I. in the Metaverse – Patrik Gudev

Automotive & Mobility: The Case of partnership with Mole

Blockchain e distributed ledger technologies

Token, smart contract, decentralized timestamp


Blockchain and metaverse

Decentralized digital identity in the metaverse

NFT in the metaverse

Jobs and opportunities in the Metaverse

School in Metaverse