8-days Workshop in


taking place on Aprli 25th - May 4th
at the International Space University
in Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France.

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Start your career in the Space Industry

Given the incredible worldwide success of the online Space Architecture &
Design course on the School of Disruption, the European Center for
Space Exploration and Colonization (ECSEC) continues its mission to
democratize access to space by launching a unique collaboration with the
International Space University (ISU).

In response to the growing demand from those who want to start a career in
the space industry, we have created a highly practical design workshop, with
internationally renowned teachers, that will give you the opportunity to acquire
and put into practice the knowledge you need to take your first real step as a
professional in the space market.

Workshop Structure

Space architecture goes beyond the traditional concept of architecture and design.

The interdisciplinary workshop will comprise different fields that are indispensable for designing human life in space and on other planets.


Several internationally renowned experts, who actively work in the space industry every day, take turns in lecturing and thus covering the most important topics of Space Architecture


Together with ISU Master students workshop participants will be guided in their design process by expert lecturers and the guest professors Barbara Imhof and René Waclavicek. 

All participants will work in groups to design for a selected mission scenario. At the end of the workshop, the best project will be awarded.

Evaluation & Final Awards

Each working group will present their project at the end of the workshop.

The lecturers will evaluate the best design work which will receive an award and a special prize.


If you are already a student of the School of Disruption you can participate in the ISU Workshop at a favorable price

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