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3 Technologies that will Disrupt the Construction Industry (AEC)

The construction industry (AEC) and real estate are about to face a major change. There are so many technological innovations, social and geopolitical changes, and new housing needs that will redefine the paradigms of this market.

Knowing in advance what factors will trigger this revolution means, above all, gaining the knowledge needed to make the best decisions for the future.


Report Contents

In this report, experts of international stature outline some of the technologies that are changing the construction industry and the impact they will have on markets.

3D Printing of Buildings

In 2022, a record for 3D printed buildings was reached. Find out everything you need to know about how the technology that is changing the construction market worldwide works.

Computational Design

A new approach to explode the potential of designers. Artificial intelligence can erase the boundary between creativity and executive feasibility.

Space Architecture

The new space race has benefits beyond space exploration. Space Architecture can teach us how to create more sustainable designs and systems for Earth.

Turn Threats into Opportunities