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We strongly believe that the main tool we have to generate positive impact is to democratize access to innovation.

Deep Impact is the School of Disruption’s CSR program that enables companies to support scholarships for deserving students from developing countries, giving them access to the know-how they need to seize emerging opportunities related to innovation.

Innovation as a Drive for Social Inclusion

Innovation is the driver of the world’s growth, both in economic and global welfare terms.

Yet, today, many people in developing countries need the know-how to seize innovation opportunities, mainly for economic reasons.

By supporting the next generation of innovators, we are not only investing in their future but also the future of our global community.

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Your customers make purchase decisions based on corporate purpose commitments and actions


Your workforce is making employment decisions based on corporate purpose commitments and actions.


Your workforce is making employment decisions based on corporate purpose commitments and actions.


Your investors make decisions based on corporate purpose and actions.

A real impact

The most important reason for joining in the Deep Impact program is that your action can concretely bring the opportunities of the future closer to those who would in no way have access to them.

Inclusion must, above all, be understood in terms of equal opportunities.

Transferring the knowledge and know-how needed for growth to those who cannot afford it, anywhere in the world, is the goal of the DeepImpact program.

A real impact

All School of Disruption certificates have ID numbers, are placed by students in their CVs and shared on social networks.

This makes our certificates a powerful viral communication tool that acts internationally.

The presence of your logo will indelibly prove the importance of your action.

Our positive impact to date

Scholarships issued in 2022: 114

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Innovation and Inclusion

Key Words for a Better Future

We believe that inclusion and innovation are the foundations on which we can build a better future.

From knowledge sharing, not only are new opportunities born, but also cultures and perspectives come together.

Our international students at the Strasbourg Workshop carried out in collaboration with the International Space University

Why Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business practice that considers the impact of a company’s actions on stakeholders such as employees, customers, the environment, and the wider community. CSR encompasses a wide range of activities and initiatives, including ethical business practices, environmental conservation, philanthropy, and corporate governance. CSR’s goal is to positively impact society and the environment while also achieving the company’s business objectives.